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“Building champions in class, Building champions in life”

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Moohan Martial Arts Association has convenient locations for training and studying Taekwondo in Georgia.

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Here’s what our happy parents had to say about:

I highly recommend Master Kim and the other masters and instructors at Moohan Martial Arts Main Cumming location. They have instilled in my two sons the courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit that are the core of Korean Taekwondo. While this is a way to fight or defend your body, it is more about balance of spirit, mind, emotions, along with the body. It applies to life in general, and teaches respect for yourself as well as others. I encourage you to talk to them and see if Moohan is right for you!

Timothy Goldsberry

The best martial arts studio around! My older son has been going there for 4.5 years. He started as a kid tiger and is now days away from testing for his black belt. My youngest joined him in taekwondo 3 years ago and now my husband and my daughter both attend as well. We love the environment, the high level of training and high expectations. The masters, all of whom are actual masters, not just instructors, are all amazing! They are great with children, teenagers and adults! Highly recommend this studio to anyone!

Natalie Fleshler

I can't say enough about this place. I have trained under Master Choi exclusively and can only say that he cares about your progress and growth. Everything was done professionally from day one and you want to keep coming back. I'm going to attend for as long as I possibly can.

Brian Richards

Our family has been training at Moohan for 5 years. The masters are always on the floor teaching , training and helping kids and adults learn a way of taekwondo. My kids learn the meaning of respect, dedication, goal setting and focus. As an adult I am constantly being challenged with new kicking and form skills and at the same time masters ensure that I am being careful with my joins and don't hurt myself. I highly recommend this taekwondo school for kids and adults.

Michael F